Capt. Tony Pabon


Frequently asked questions


 Frequently asked questions 

  • ​I have never booked a fishing charter before, how do I start?

​​         Call or Email me and we can discuss what kind of fishing charter you are looking to        

         book and discuss the many options.

  • Can we customize a fishing charter or can we make special requests?

​​          Yes,  I will do everything to accommodate your needs and requests.  

  • Do I need a fishing license on a fishing charter? 

​          No,  I have a special guide license that covers all the people on my boat,

          resident or non-resident.

  • Does the boat have a bathroom?

          No, but we are generally only a few minuets from public restroom facilities.

  • Do you supply drinks or snacks?

​          No, I do supply a cooler with ice and bottled water.  You should bring drinks and                 food for your fishing charter.

  • Will we be fishing with live bait?

​          Yes, on most fishing charters we will be using live bait, although artificial bait

           can be requested for experienced anglers.

  • ​Can we keep the fish we catch?

​          ​Yes,  However I do encourage catch and release.  Fish are an important resource               and catch and release will help protect them.

          If you would like to keep some fish for dinner I will clean and bag your catch.

           All State laws regarding Size and Bag limits will be followed. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Can we have lunch at a local restaurant during a charter?

​           Yes,  during a full day charter we can stop for lunch if you choose.